OUR philosophy:​ Know Yourself

Over 2,300 years ago, Aristotle pronounced these words: “To know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

The starting point for a healthy life is the knowledge of oneself. Just as you cannot reach a destination without knowing where to go, you cannot prevent or heal without understanding the source of a problem.

To this end, we believe in a communication that does not create doubts. Rather, it clarifies them. Therefore, our doctors help in formulating our products, analyzing clients’ data, and overall spreading well-being.

We believe in our philosophy, the backbone of all our products and services, of every step we take.

Who We Are

NutraMy aspires to give a tangible contribution to health. With this objective in mind, we intend to educate people on a healthy daily lifestyle, support doctors through the evaluation of clinical data via rigorous analyses and provide high-quality natural food supplements.

Some food supplements on the market have a poor reputation because their ingredients are of low quality, the formulations are not tested scientifically, and they are of limited efficacy.

None of this belongs to us.

NutraMy is synonymous with quality, efficacy and excellent service. These are the three promises we give to our clients. Our products are prepared with high-quality natural ingredients, formulated based on scientific studies, and analyzed by the University of Naples Federico II. Our services have been studied with high diligence and delivered professionally.

Our Team

NutraMy was established in Switzerland by a team of professionals with over 120 years of combined experience.


Loris Centola

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer Member of the Board

Dr. Alexander Kobler

Co-Founder / Head of Education

Dr. Luca Genovese

Researcher / Head Analysis & Reporting

Gabriele Murena

Complementary therapist, Nutraceutical Expert

Luigi Meglio

Pharmacist / Technical adviser Member of the Board