The Pillars of Life


Life-Style: Nowadays, we experience long periods of stress, exhausting hours at work, sometimes in unhealthy environments, all negatively affecting our health. Medicine teaches us that even small tricks and daily changes can have a positive effect on our quality of life.

Nutrition: Hippocrates once said: “We are what we eat“. So, why continue to feed us with poor-quality products, bad from a nutritional point of view and harmful to our health? Unfortunately, even those foods considered “healthy” suffer from a constant depletion of nutrients and an enrichment of harmful substances, used in cultivation and conservation. It is essential to implement a change, trying to carve out time for ourselves, carrying positive thoughts and embracing a balanced and organic diet. Small precautions are worth so much.

Nutritional supplements: Many natural substances have antioxidant effects, stimulate our metabolism, facilitate detoxification and immunity, digestive processes, protein synthesis, and tissue regeneration. However, they are present in limited quantities in fresh food. It all starts with a balance diet. In case of deficiencies, identified by laboratory analysis, a correct integration can provide the body with the right amount of micro and macronutrients.

Emotional balance: Sorrow, difficulties and stress, while acting on an emotional sphere, are proven to have strong repercussions on the functionality of our organs, predisposing us to the development of diseases. Maintaining a mental balance and positive thoughts helps the body to face and overcome difficulties in a constructive way, avoiding mental and physical repercussions.

Physical activity: Regular physical activity should be a constant in our lives. Among many benefits, the latter allows to maintain the functionality of muscles and joints and to counteract the degeneration of cartilages (the cause of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis). Besides, physical activity has a positive effect on stress and depression.