myIntestine is a symbiotic food supplement based on lactic acid bacteria and FOS.



myIntestine is a symbiotic food supplement based on lactic acid bacteria and FOS.

Take 1 capsule per day, after breakfast, with plenty of water.

Supplement facts

For 1 capsule



Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 501®

7 mld


Lactobacillus Paracasei 502®

7 mld



100 mg



100 mg


Resistant starch

25 mg



150 mcg


% Daily Values

12 reviews for myIntestine

  1. admin

    Ms. Dominique S.
    Nice article on probiotics. I convinced myself to take it after reading it

  2. admin

    Ms. Mariachiara Z.
    I have always had constipation problems. I started taking this probiotic and everything is now back to normal

  3. admin

    Mr. Michele M.
    My doctor told me that for my cognitive problems I have to take the [omitted name] and a probiotic. He recommended this to me from Nutramy

  4. admin

    Mr. Raoul B.
    I have been taking myintestine for 3 months and feel lighter and more regular (even in the bathroom)

  5. admin

    Mr. Marco B.
    “I have just returned from my usual trip to Mexico and I finally had no diarrhea problems. Thanks also for answering my question about storing it out of the fridge

  6. admin

    Ms. Andrea A.
    Back in Spain now, I order them online. Unique product!

  7. admin

    Ms. Patricia K.
    I have always taken the probiotics of [omitted brand] and I wanted to change. These also work well and cost a little less

  8. admin

    Mr. Martin C.
    A food supplement from the fridge. I was suspicious but I see that it has regularized my intestinal cycle

  9. admin

    Ms. Martina O.
    I have been taking antibiotics for 2 months and without this probiotic I would have died 🙂

  10. admin

    Ms. Isabella T.
    My patients often take antibiotics of [omitted brand] which are very effective but like the others they destroy the bacterial flora. I always recommend myintestine

  11. admin

    Mr. Giuliano G.
    A good product. I carry it with me even when I travel

  12. admin

    Ms. Chiara D.
    I started giving this product to my 16 year old son who suffers from abdominal pain, along with mygastro. I don’t know which of the two work, but at least they work

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