myBody is a food supplement with useful ingredients to promote the maintenance of normal and physiological flexibility and well-being of bones and joints and to counteract localized states of tension. The formulation is enriched with natural ingredients that increase its assimilation and effectiveness.

myBody contains extracts of Boswellia, both sacra and serrata, with a high titration of boswellic acids. This Boswellia also includes all the terpene fractions of the plant, forming a highly bioavailable phytocomplex.



myBody is a food supplement based on L-acetylcarnitine, Avovida® standardized extract of avocado and soy, Boswellia useful for joint function and for the contrast of localized states of tension, myrrh and quercetin.

Take 1 capsule once or twice per day, away from meals, with plenty of water.

L-acetylcarnitine, Avovida® standardized extract from avocado (Persea americana Mill.) Fruit and soy (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) Seed titrated at 30% in phytosterols, BosLiq® AKBA (Boswellia sacra Flueck.) Gum-resin extract dry titrated at 25% in total boswellic acids of which 5% AKBA and 8% cembrenes, quercetin; bulking agent: hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose; MyrLiq® (Commiphora mirra (Nees) Engl.) Gum-resin dry extract titrated at 4% in furanodienes, Pipenig® (Piper nigrum L.) fruit dry extract titrated at 30% in ß-caryophyllene, BosLiq® BA (Boswellia serrata Roxb ) gum-resin dry extract titrated at 13% in total boswellic acids and at 5% in total diterpenes (serratol); anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

Supplement facts


For 2 capsules 
L. acetilcarnitina500 mg
Avovida®400 mg
of which fitosteroli120 mg
Bosliq®-AKBA200 mg
Quercetina200 mg
Myrliq®80 mg
of which furanodieni3,2 mg
Bosliq®BA50 mg
Pipenig®60 mg
of which betacariofillene18 mg

12 reviews for myBody

  1. admin

    Ms. Marinella F.
    mybody is perfect for those like me doing Yoga 5 times a week. It allows me to practice without having those pains that didn’t make me move on the weekend

  2. admin

    Mr. Pietro S.
    I can run much better and longer. Recovery is faster. I don’t feel energy benefits, but I don’t think myBody is made for this

  3. admin

    Ms. Mirella D. N.
    I have read the ingredients carefully. I have been using the devil’s claw for a long time, but I see that you have added a Boswellia that I did not know. I have looked for other cheaper products, but they do not have this ingredient

  4. admin

    Mr. Sergio Z.
    I stocked it for after the holidays !!!!! Let’s return to serious training

  5. admin

    Ms. Cristina D. M.
    Energy bars, [brand omitted] and mybody for the post-Carnival period. Now I’m getting back in shape

  6. admin

    Mr. Jaime P.
    I’ve always run and my coach recommended this product to me. I can perform much more. I see the difference.

  7. admin

    Ms Margherita P.
    Very effective for those who play soft sports like me. I take it in the morning before hydro-bike and in the afternoon immediately after lunch. It seems excellent

  8. admin

    Mr. Nino L.
    I can do more after spinning in the gym. A colleague told me about it and my recovery is faster. Mybody is a good product

  9. admin

    Mrs. Christine H.
    It costs more than the [name omitted] they advertise on Social Media but this at least works

  10. admin

    Mr. Mark H.
    You pay for the quality but it’s worth it. I’ve been taking mybody and mybalance for 3 months now. Excellent

  11. admin

    Mrs. Elisa F.
    A natural product for a middle-aged lady like me who goes to the gym 3 times a week and does sport without too much effort. I feel much better now.

  12. admin

    Mr. Thomas D.
    Recommended by the Personal Trainer. He was right!

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