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myAge is a food supplement based on lipoic acid, carnosine, curcuma, vitamin E, pomegranate and rosa canina, useful as antioxidants.



myAge is a food supplement based on lipoic acid, carnosine, curcuma, vitamin E, pomegranate and rosa canina, useful as antioxidants.

Take 1 tablet per day, before breakfast, with plenty of water.

In the event of impaired hepatic function, biliary function or gallstones, the use of the product is not recommended. If you are taking any medications, please seek medical advice.

Supplement facts


For 1 tablet %DV*
L-Carnosine200 mg 
Rosa canina d.e.150 mg 
of which Vitamin C15 mg19%
Alpha lipoic acid150 mg 
OxiTurmeric®100 mg 
Pomegranate d.e.100 mg 
of which ellagic acid40 mg 
OxiP®50 mg 
D alpha tocopherol12 mg100%

* % Daily Values

12 reviews for myAge

  1. admin

    Mr. Arturo B.
    I tried this product and I’m extremely satisfied. There has been a lot of discussions about turmeric but in the end it is the best natural ingredient against free radicals

  2. admin

    Ms. Abigail S.
    After 2 weeks I saw clear effects on my skin. A nice concentrated product

  3. admin

    Mr. Max N.
    After seeing your video on free radicals, I was convinced to buy myAge but also to eat much better

  4. admin

    Mrs. Barbara B. N.
    I often take fruits and supplements with antioxidant ingredients. I tried Age and I see a clear effect on my skin

  5. admin

    Mr. Alexandro D.
    I did a blood test on oxidants and antioxidants after two months of treatment with MYAGE and the results are very encouraging. Thanks, well done

  6. admin

    Ms. Martina C.
    I noticed that you added a label on Turmeric. The doctor told me however that there are no problems with it. Ethical company 🙂

  7. admin

    Mr. Ricky V.
    I like the fact that you also use patented ingredients. Can I have more information on these ingredients ??

  8. admin

    Ms. Gabriella A.
    New year, new life. Full force with antioxidants

  9. admin

    Mr. Lino Z.
    I have been taking myage for 4 months and will continue to do it forever. Now I order it online, but the pharmacist has also recommended myBalance for the diet. Maybe he is right 🙂

  10. admin

    Ms Andreina F.
    I see an effect on smoother skin. How can I do a blood test to see if it works as an antioxidant? What do you recommend?

  11. admin

    Mr. Jorge K.
    Congratulations on the packaging, It looks like a medicine. I’ve been taking supplements for a lifetime. I replaced the [omitted name] with myAge. Much more concentrated and it also has patented ingredients.Good

  12. admin

    Ms. Carlotta M.
    You scared me with the free radicals video. I take the product every day now. The taste isn’t that great. Can you improve it?

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