Natural tips for full energy


We should learn to take advantage of the vitamins, minerals and other numerous molecules that we find in nature to have more energy when we return home after a long and tiring day.

We all know what it means to “run out of batteries”. After long hours of work, a thousand daily commitments and high levels of stress, once at home you would immediately like to lay down on the sofa and relax. For dads and mums, this moment comes often later: there are baths to do, homework to check, stories to tell. At least on the weekend we can rest … Not really. The calendar includes football, volleyball or other wonderful sports matches, birthday parties and, in the summer, the park or swimming pool.

To be always physically at the top for the family, a good diet rich in fruits and vegetables (excellent sources of vitamins and minerals) can help. To avoid are alcoholsugarspackaged foods and saturated fats which, contrary to what people think, do not provide extra energy but weigh down the liver and make us less vital. In addition, exercise has positive effects on energy levels, as it increases the release of endorphins that improve endurance of stress and reduce mental fatigue.

Together with a healthy lifestyle, when necessary, we can support the body by supplementing the diet with vitamins B that, by acting on our energy metabolism, reduce tiredness and physical fatigue. Some of these vitamins also contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, having also a positive effect on mental fatigue. However, special care is needed when taking a complex of quality B vitamins that contain the natural forms of vitamins and not those synthesized in the laboratory (present in most supplements on the market). For example, vitamin B9 is often sold in the form of folic acid, a type of inexpensive but less bioavailable and effective than folate, the active form naturally present in food, more absorbable but up to 55 times more expensive than folic acid. The same is true for vitamin B12, frequently present in supplements in the form of Cyanocobalamin and not as Methylcobalamin, its natural form, more bioavailable but 5 times more expensive.

To increase energy and fight weakness, there are also scientifically-studied molecules called pro-energetics. For example, Creatine is an amino acid derivative that is found mostly in muscle and increases physical performance in case of repetitive, high-intensity and short-duration activities. Essential for those suffering from both physical and mental fatigue is also the right choice of Magnesium. This mineral is important for numerous functions within the human body, including that of contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. However, it is not very absorbable by the body (magnesium oxalate has a bioavailability of only 4%). There are different forms of magnesium, such as sucrosomal magnesium, which the body assimilates more and faster than the inorganic form commonly present in supplements.

Finally, many like to practice sports (even in an amateur way), an excellent habit that allows to stimulate the muscles (able to adapt to training) and keep the cardiovascular and nervous system healthy, relieving stress. This, however, exposes the joints to risks of wear and to develop micro-traumas; it is therefore advisable to use specific anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances to maintain the physiological muscle flexibility and the well-being of bones and joints.  In conclusion, to fully enjoy the happy moments with our family, without letting ourselves be overwhelmed by physical and mental fatigue, it is of primary importance to follow a healthy lifestyle, made up of a varied and balanced diet, which provides the body with everything it needs. However, when tiredness takes over, numerous natural active ingredients can help us restore normal energy levels and give us the right sprint to dedicate to our loved ones.