Analysis & Reporting

Analysis is the process of extracting fundamental data from samples (for instance, blood) in order to obtain a complete view of the organism. We collaborate only with state-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with the latest scientific instruments.

The coded data (without sensitive and/or confidential patient information) are transmitted from the laboratory (via encrypted servers and dedicated security systems) to the NutraMy Reporting Center which analyzes them and creates personalized reports (MyPremiumCheckUp).

A&R Profiles

The following is a list of profiles that our partner laboratories generate and which, through NutraMy, allow the production of the personalized report myPremiumCheckUp

  • Fatty Acids Profile: Saturated & Trans
  • Fatty Acids Profile: Omega 3 & 6
  • Cardiovascular Profile
  • Inflammation Profile
  • Oxidant/Antioxidant Profiles
  • Minerals Profile
  • Brain Plasticity Profile
  • Vitamins Profile
  • Neurotransmitters Profile
  • Circadian Rhythm Profile

How do I get myPremiumCheckUp?

The process is very simple. Download the myPremiumCheckUp check-list. Fill it up with your or our partner doctors, who take the blood samples and send them to the laboratories affiliated with NutraMy. After the analysis is completed, the doctor receives the myPremiumCheckUp report and discusses it with you, offering you the most suitable solutions.

Authorized physicians and professionals who are not yet accredited to the myPremiumCheckUp program and wish to use the service are invited to contact us at

The service will be available very soon.
Please notify me when the service begins.