our philosophy 

Know Yourself

“Conoscere te stesso è l’inizio di tutta la saggezza”
Aristotele – 350 a.C. 

NutraMy aspires to give a tangible contribution to health. With this objective in mind, we intend to educate people on a healthy daily lifestyle, support physicians through the evaluation of clinical data from rigorous analyzes and provide high-quality natural food supplements.

In order to achieve our stated goals, NutraMy offers three sets of solutions:

  • Food Supplements
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Education

food Supplements

Research & Development of Food Supplements as complements to nutrition is at the core of NutraMy.

We employ qualified international pharmaceutical companies using only top-quality ingredients to produce natural food supplements.

Analysis &  Reporting

Analysis is the process of extracting fundamental data from samples (for instance, blood) in order to obtain a complete view of the organism. We collaborate only with state-of-the-art laboratories, linked to our Reporting Center, that analyze and produce personalized reports (myPremiumCheckUp). The service will be launched shortly (find out when).


To NutraMy, education is a paramount step to achieve the ultimate vision of a world that prevents and optimizes its own well-being naturally.

We will soon (find out when) offer three educational modules:

  • Nutrition and health
  • Food supplements
  • How to identify high-quality food supplements


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