NutraMy SA aims to educate on the topics of Nutrition and Food Supplements with the purpose of inviting the public to adopt an optimal standard of living and make use of natural solutions.

We will soon launch two courses (dedicated to Professionals and Non-Professionals) split into three modules:

  • Food supplements: definition and classification
  • Difference between food supplements and functional or bio-fortified foods
  • Supplements and scientific evidence
  • The new frontiers of nutrition
  • Classification of compounds based on the chemical class
  • Classification of compounds according to the mechanism of action
  • Bioactive compounds
  • Bioavailability of compounds
  • Food supplements
  • Strategies to improve the bioavailability of a supplement
  • Food supplements as a complement to nutrition
  • Role of food supplements
  • Food supplements and sports activities
  • Evidence, efficacy, safety of the compounds
  • Interactions between food supplement compounds and drugs
  • The future of the food supplement industry