NutraMy was established in Switzerland by a team of professionals with over 120 years of combined experience. It brings together competencies and companies active in the “New Food Supplements” project, pursuing a path initiated in 2016.

The group consists of two companies: NutraMy SA for the market and products marketable in Switzerland and NutraMy Europe Srl for the markets and products marketable in the European Union.

NutraMy SA

Address: Via Dogana Vecchia 2
Casella Postale, 6900, Lugano (Switzerland)

NutraMy Europe Srl

Address: Via Ufente 20

04100 Latina (Italy)

Phone (CH): +41 (0)91 945 07 33

Phone (ITA): +39 (0)31 226 71 99

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NutraMy works only with top-quality companies, doctors, and pharmacies.