Can a supplement make me lose weight?


Obesity is a condition that causes serious damage to health and does not make us feel in harmony with our body. Therefore, it is important to take care of nutrition and practice sports. Specific natural and active ingredients (contained in some supplements) can help restore normal energy and lipid metabolism.

Obesity and overweight are constantly and worryingly increasing in modern society. They represent the main risk factor for many common chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and type-2 diabetes. The main cause is an excessive energy intake due to overeating that leads to an accumulation of fat, called “white fat“. This fat was used by our ancestors to make up for periods of famine, a problem no longer present in our day given a richer and more sedentary lifestyle (this is the reason why these diseases are defined as “wellness pathologies”). The human body has a second type of fat, the “brown fat“, which is used to produce heat necessary to warm the body. The presence of heating in our houses, of heavy clothes and works that no longer take place in the open air has led to a reduction in the quantity and efficiency of brown fat. The result is an increase of white fat, which accumulates as subcutaneous fat and at the level of the organs, the latter effect being very dangerous for our health.

There is therefore an urgent need to change our lifestyle and ensure that food becomes our ally again and not a dangerous enemy of health. Healthy eating habits and constant physical activity are excellent tools for losing fat mass (especially the white fat, with a reserve function) and increasing the efficiency of brown fat, capable of producing heat.

In nature, there are some ingredients capable of contributing to normal energy metabolism (such as biotin, niacin, thiamine, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid). Others contribute to normal macronutrient metabolism (such as chromium and zinc) and normal lipid metabolism (such as choline).

It must however be considered that, during the weight loss phase, not only fat is released but also toxins and heavy metals contained in it. The body stores these dangerous substances inside the fatty tissue to prevent their circulation from causing serious damage to the body. To remedy this problem, the use of purifying ingredients can be used to help dispose of toxins. 

In conclusion, we must not be enchanted by the promises of “magic pills” that make us lose weight while we are comfortably seated on the sofa without taking care of our diet and fitness. However, thanks to specific active ingredients present in nature, associated according to scientific logics, it is possible to help our body react more quickly to external stimuli as a healthy lifestyle, which must always be present.